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Sep 07 2012

I’d say that tonight went pretty well. I hit up open mic night at Chloe’s Coffee in Gaithersburg. Definitely worth the hour and a half trek.

I had a Chai Latte today for the first time in my entire life. I was impressed. I’ve never really given Chai a chance, mostly because of the trendy, bourgeoisie connotations that are attached to it. That’s not really fair, is it? At any rate, while it isn’t something I would drink every single time I go to a coffee shop (I normally don’t go for sugary beverages), it was pretty delicious. Glad I took that risk.

Sep 05 2012

"I Am a Scientist" Guided By Voices

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Sep 04 2012

Here’s some news and shit.

I suppose I should probably keep you peeps updated on the latest happenings right now.

I mean, I would if anything were actually happening. No upcoming gigs really. I’m going to be in Gaithersburg, MD on Thursday at Chloe’s Coffee for open mic. If anybody is putting on a show and needs a mopey troubadour, I’d be willing to step up and accept the challenge. 

Speaking of challenges, I’m still accepting your song ideas. Pick any topic your little heart desires, and I’ll write you a song dealing with that topic (More or less. I’m quite fond of abstract metaphors after all). 

Also, I’m probably a little late, but I just found out that Michael Clarke Duncan passed away. Which is kind of bumming me out. 

That about wraps it up. 

Sep 01 2012

This one is for ayebee. I’ll write you a song about whatever you want. Just ask me!

Enveloped in the midnight, I awake to find
That I’m not where I should be
An ache travels up my spine - sprawled across the cold, cold floor
Like wayward debris

Sifting through the dark
To reclaim my place
Wrapped around you
In your space

But my fevered grasp clutches tiger’s fur
Behold! The Conquering King
Nestled proudly in your arms, breathing self-assuredly
While I meekly nurse the sting

Sinking in the dark
Overthrown and displaced
Strands of moonlight
Obscure my face

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Aug 30 2012

So here’s a fun new game:

I’m going to write you a song. Yep. I’m going to write and record a song (Most likely a lo-fi deal on my mp3 player, but lo-fi is still cool, right?). And I’m going to post it here for you (Bear in mind I can only post one audio file a day).

So here are the rules:

Pick a topic. Could be anything you want. Your pet. Your hometown. Yourself. Anything you want. Send it to the ask box. And I’ll write it.

That’s it. And reblog this if you could. 

Aug 17 2012
Aug 15 2012

From our first collection of songs, “Bitter Herbs & Aspirins”, available for digital download at


"Good Problems" Sam Goodwill

More people need to know about this band.

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"Heart of Chambers" Beach House

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